30 December 2005

Katrina Kitchen Kits

So the church is putting together 70,000 kitchen kits for victims of Hurricane Katrina. They have just about everything I can think of on the assembly line: knives, forks, spoons, pots, plates, bowls, glasses, scrub brush, vegetable peeler, sharp knife, dish drainer, ice trays, salt and pepper shakers, colander, trash can, rags, rubber gloves, oven mits and I am sure there is more stuff. This photo was taken on my 4th trip to help out. Anna Paget is with me. She was visiting for Christmas. I do love that Paget family so it was fun to hang out with EVERYONE!

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28 December 2005

Katrina: The Aftermath T+4 months (Slidell, LA)

It's been 4 months since Hurrincane Katrina. I was home for Christmas and only had time to visit a few neighborhoods. I never made it to New Orleans, or even to the lake for that matter. These 2 images were taken around the Kings Point area. There are FEMA trailers in front of maybe half the houses most of which have been gutted and a few have been demolished. This McDonalds is still not open. Actually, that area isn't even closed to being open. They say that in the "toxic soup" that covered everything there was sewage-related bacteria at least 10 times higher than acceptable as well as a surprising amount of lead.
This was part of the Christmas decorations in Lakeside Mall in New Orleans. I think it's hilarious with the blue tarps and the people stuck on roofs and such. My dad says that so many people complained that they had to take it down. Then, so many MORE people complained that they put it back up. Come on, People! Have a sense of humor!

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25 December 2005

My Family Christmas 2005

So here's ma familia on Christmas Eve. Not the choicest of locations but Padre didn't really want to move furniture inside the house. Everying else had a blue tarp in the background. Stupid Hurricane!

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