23 June 2008

Los nuevos tios

This is Valentina Lista, the newest member of the Lista family. She was born on May 11, 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Diego's brother Gonzalo. I don't know who took this picture but I was WAY impressed! Way to use a different angle to show mom and baby AND dad (and still dad isn't the least bit understated)!
Doesn't she look just like her dad!! She adorable and I can't wait to meet her in like 10 days!!!!

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17 June 2008

I *heart* you

As if there was ANY doubt as to whether I loved my husband, it has now been immortalized photo booth style. I was at a tradeshow today and there was an updated version of those old Kmart, B&W, 4-up photo booths so I took advantage of it. It's not a great scan but the cards say, "I *heart* you baby cakes!" And with that, you now know what our choice term of endearment is as well. Bonus!

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10 June 2008

Viva la Mexico!

The 1st weekend in June we went to Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico (Rocky Point).
Some friends of ours from the Spanish Branch were baptizing their 8-year old daughter in the ocean here at Cholla Bay. This was the baptism site. Picture Jesus and John the Baptist... Pretty cool, huh? You wish you were baptized in the ocean!
This is Cholla Bay. Their family owns most of the land here.
We never made it to the "resort"beaches but we did get to play in a backyard that was the beach (not picutred). It wouldn't be very much fun to scale rocks in your backyard!
Besides all that, we went geocaching, got stuck in the sand, someone pulled us out of the sand, we did more geocaching, saw the city and had lunch over the water.
Us in all of our sun-soaked glory...
I think part of the reason Diego wanted to go was to do a trial run on his papers. He we are waiting to get back into the US and it seems we are EXACTLY between the 2 countries. Everything was fine.
Because we leave for Argentina in like 2 weeks it probably won't be until the end of July/beginning of August before I post again. Enjoy till then. Hasta Luego!

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