20 August 2008

Random Thoughts 8.20.08

Phelpsian Feat has been coined.

Diego lets me watch the Olympics every night even though he could care less and he hasn't seen The Simpsons in FOREVER!

I'm a lucky girl...

We bought Diego's family a web cam and we've been have a blast video chatting with them.

One more payment and my camera equipment is paid off. That just leaves my student loans (which, *cross your fingers*, should only take about a year and a half). WOO HOO!

I'm about to start Spanish class again and Diego is taking a Management and Leadership class.

We moved into the new chapel last Sunday. I'm in Young Womens when Relief Society meets so I miss the only time I actually got to meet with the sisters (remember I'm in a Spanish branch connected to a regular ward).

Every week someone else is brave enough to speak English to me (see above)! Obviously, no real connections.

I'm working on the soundtrack and the recipe book for the HOV trip with the girls in October. Very excited to be creative again... Here's a sneak peek at the cover.

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Grandpa Reads

I stole this picture from my dad's blog. My parents recently, July, went to visit my sister somewhere in the Indiana, Ohio, Illinois area (not being specific cause I don't know "who" reads this blog). My sister and her 2 boys are the only ones that Diego hasn't met yet. Bryce is 6 and Cole is 4. I can't wait until we can have some sort of family reunion sometime...

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