15 September 2006

Jack's River Falls

A 30 FOOT CLIFF!!! Let me repeat. A 30 FOOT CLIFF!!! It doesn't look that bad. Let me tell you, it's alot higher once you've actually swam across, scaled the side of the mountain to get up there and then had a chance to look down. The longer you think, the more scared you can make yourself. Go and do. That's my motto. Never let it get to ya. The scary part is that when you do make the jump you actually have time to think that you're never gonna hit the water. It's like when you're standing on a wall or something and you're gonna jump down, there's an acceptable distance that you are willing to risk. Well this thing is like 3 or 4 times that acceptable distance. Think about it like that!

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03 September 2006

San Diego 2006

The San Diego Temple (aka the Ice Castle).
The World Famous San Dieog Zoo.

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