27 March 2008

I am now certified to deal your drugs

I have studied (something I hate to do) and am now qualified to count your pills at the pharmacy. I never knew how much math was involved with pharmacy. Well, I learned algebra again and I am completely versed in ratio and proportion! The best part is that I make a dollar more an hour now! YEAH! For part-time work, I don't do so bad.

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23 March 2008

U2 in 3D

I don't know if this is still playing at the IMAX but it was WAY cool and WAY worth it even if you just kind of like their music. It was all the best parts of going to a concert with an even better view but you didn't have to deal with the expensive tickets, standing the whole time, the smelly guy next to you or somebody spilling their beer on you. I highly recommend!

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13 March 2008


Many of you know that Diego and I attend a Spanish speaking branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It isn't because he doesn't speak English or that I speak Spanish for that matter. It's just where we feel like we are supposed to be. I have done many things in my life based on this "feeling" or as I like to think if it, being guided by the Spirit. Heck, the Spirit is what brought me to Arizona (for no seeming good reason) only to meet my awesome husband the next day. Needless to say, I trust the Spirit. Anyway. I digress. The Relief Society (or women's organization) of this Spanish branch had an activity. My plaque says, "Princess. Daughter of a Heavenly King." BTW, I bore my testimony in Spanish this past Sunday. Well, it was only a few sentences long and Diego was standing by my side (like I was a primary kid) in case I forgot a word. When he started to feed me lines, I pushed him away and everyone laughed. I wanted to do it myself! I was very proud of myself...

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