05 July 2011

4th Anniversary - San Francisco

I'm liking this go-out-of-town-for-your-anniversary thing!  I think I'll keep it! This year was San Francisco.  We'd both been before but he never got to see Alcatraz and I wanted to see the Redwoods again.  So off we went.
This is San Francisco as seen from Alcatraz in the evening.  

At the gate of Chinatown the say we arrived.
At the tea shop where we got to try all these teas and learn about their health properties.  The Chinese drink tea not because it's yummy but because it's good for you.
One of the last handmade fortune cookie shops.  We didn't get a picture of me at one of the temples "shaking the sticks" to see what my fortune would be.
Diego eating "Lucky Fish".
We ordered hotpot in an attempt to relive one of my yummiest memories of China.  It was a disaster, as you can see on Diego's face.
Hanging off the Trolley. We waited in the gargantuan line at the main stop in the morning and I am glad we did.  At every stop we were instructed to yell at the waiting passanger, "We're Full!".
At the bottom of Lombard Street. The Crookedest Street.  Then we walked to Ghiradelli Square and then to Pier 39.
Muir Woods.  I was never any good at nature photography but still, in person it wasn't how I remember it.  Still very majestic!
In front of one of the Redwoods.
The Golden Gate Bridge. Note ALL the traffic.  We waited for a bus forever at the drop off from Muir Woods.  And then we had the bus drop us off at the last stop before the bridge.  Diego REALLY wanted to walk it.  I did not, however, but who am I to crush a dream.
So we're walking across the bridge and I want to take a picture of Diego but he won't stand by the water side.  He's scared!  WHAT!  You're making me walk all the way across this **** bridge and you won't even go to the side!!! Just left of center is the best I got.  Funny Boy.  Good thing I love him!
At the end of the walk on the San Francisco side.
Inside Alcatraz.
Inside one of the cells.  Diego thinks the hardest part would be doing your "business" in front of everyone.  I think the whole thing would be hard.
We took the night tour so we got to go up to the hospital.  This is the X-ray room.  Eerie, isn't it?
Lonely little Alcatraz.
All it all we did everything we wanted to in the short weekend we were there.  It was a TON of walking but I'm so glad we didn't rent a car.  Happy Anniversary to us!!!

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