24 March 2007

I Left Georgia for THIS?

Did I leave THIS?
Why would I do such a silly thing? Oh, yeah, Heavenly Father told me to. And now I am starting to understand why. Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to in order to get something greater that we could ever imagine (i.e.-Diego). It's been a test of my faith. I hope I'm passing...

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23 March 2007

BFFs - Karlita

What would I do without her? Don't answer that either... She's always been there for me - even when I moved away. People ask me all the time how I cracked the "Karla-code." She says I just wouldn't leave her alone. I don't like to hear that but it's probably true. Anyway. It doesn't matter. Karlita - one of my bestest friends!!!!! Thanks for everything!

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Bridal Shower - ATL style

So I had to go to Hawaii for work (one last time) and then I took some vacation and went back to Atlanta where Karlita threw me an awesome bridal shower. All the best showed up! One, here below, is my Natalie. We were roommates for like 3 years. We've been through ALOT together. She's happily married and ... happily PREGNANT in this picture. Yeah. I'm gonna be an aunt again!
This here is Sara. She pieces me back together when my soul needs peace. Just being with her is a calming influence and as a bonus for me, she has such simple wisdom. What you I do without her? Don't answer that!
My parentials come down (er, up) for the event. My hasn't been able to go to any bridal showers for any of her kids yet. I was grateful they came.
There's a funny story about this pose. See when were were kids my older brother and I used to go "on strike" with brooms or give our father the "father treatment" in order to go out to eat that night for dinner. When we got older and still ganged up on him he got clever on us, intellectual if you will. He asked us who painted "American Gothic" (that we are crudely depicting below). Man! It was on the tip of both of our tongues but we couldn't pull it out. Alas, we had to eat at home that night.
**It was Grant Wood, by the way.**

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03 March 2007

Engagement Photo

So my friend Jennie Cunningham took these amazing, awesome photographs for me. It's kinda difficult to take your own engagement picture, right? Someone one looked at me and said I looked like an angel... That's a fabulous success in my book!!!

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