28 January 2011

Familia in EEUU

Diego's mother and his aunt came to visit us!!!  It was his mother's first trip to the United States (first time flying, for that matter).  They stayed almost a month with us and we tried to pack in as much as possible!  Among their favorite things was Wal-Mart but here are some other things we did.

Agua Fresca!!! Yum!

The lights at the Temple.
Their first snow.
The Grand Canyon.
Las Vegas.  The water ballet at the Bellagio, the ceilings at the Venitian, the chocolate factory, the sign, the flamingo, the Argentine restaurant, breakfast with the Johnsons, what else...  I can't remember.
 Tombstone.  We watched the show and went to Boothill Graveyard.
 The roller derby.  Once Diego explained a bit they liked it.
Diego and his mom.  Everyone thought he looked just like him mom.  Well, you should see his dad...  She doesn't like this picture cause she's not used to herself without her glasses.  I had to learn how to time my photos.  When you take a picture, you count uno...dos... tres.  And they repeat tres with you like we would say cheese except we don't actually say cheese every...single...time.
What I didn't include was the trip to the hospital when took them shooting and his aunt got hit in the face with the recoil of a gun she was shooting.  They were both doing very well but I guess her arms got progressively closer to her face and then, bam.  Yeah, she needed surgery in her eye. But she's okay!!!

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