26 April 2008

Day Caching Finds

It's only April and it's already TOO HOT to go caching here in Arizona. We only found 1 of 3 but these photos illustrate one of the many things I love about geocaching - you never know what you're gonna find. We just stumbled across this random car show at this random stadium where the Chicago Cubs have spring training. Who knew?!

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24 April 2008

Geocaching, again!

It's been a long time since I've been geocaching and I decided to celebrate Earth Day by introducing my husband to this fun technological treasure hunt. Good thing he likes it as much as me. He said I was excited like a little kid. Now, we just need to get a 2nd GPS unit... I never got to hold the thing! This was Diego's first cache and he found it all by himself. I found this park that had 9 caches hidden in it. One of the many things to love about geocaching - you never know what new places you're gonna find!

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22 April 2008

My Earth Day Contribution

The sun sets directly into our apartment so I installed this shade (all by myself). Yes, I know it's not centered but it is perfectly aligned for our needs...
You can already *see* how much cooler it is going to be. In this way we will be consuming less energy and helping the environment

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19 April 2008

My first hiatus

Don't be fooled when you see all these posts suddenly appear. I have, in fact, been without a post for like 3 months now. Selfishly, I like to back date everything so I can keep track of it. It's not like we haven't been doing things, it's just that none of it seemed photo-worthy (or at least not to you). These 2 photos are from Evan's ward activity. Plus, photo season has been keeping me busy for the last month at least! And I'm not complaining!In a nutshell, we've been filling our days with celebrating birthdays with friends, having barbecues with friends, watching movie projected on a screen in someone's backyard, going to concerts in the park and attending my cousin's ward activities. Diego taught me a Spanish card game called Chin Chon. I made another of my famous games. This one was a Newlywed Game.

Diego got hired on at Taser after being subcontracted for 2 years. They love Diego. Every time they hire a new company, they make that new company hire Diego. Hopefully, they'll be training him for some assistant to management type role.

There was a fire in our complex a few days ago. We weren't affected. It was 3 buildings down from us and we didn't even hear the some 60 firefighters that were reported to have been there. Our most recent dilemma was about health insurance... I've been trying my hand at new versions of Apple Muffins... We're pretty much the same as everyone else.

Oh, and this is the best part. There was this Saturday that we both had off and we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I mean, we ran our errands, bought our groceries and did our laundry all on Friday. Saturday we slept in, read books, slept some more, had a picnic in the park, slept, watched a movie and went to bed. I couldn't do that every week but every now and again it is refreshing. Good thing we don't have kids yet...

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The Great Cardboard Box Boat Regatta

I had to shoot a race this morning but then I had Diego meet me at Tempe Beach park for The Great Cardboard Box Boat Regatta. It was kind of a fun little afternoon for us. We sat on the dock to watch after getting some pictures.
The Physics involved with making these is just amazing. What a fun team building experience.
Some boats started but got too heavy on one side or got unbalanced for some reason. Most we "sea worthy" though.
Can you believe these are just cardboard, glue and paint!?
I love it when they theme-it-up!
The ones that didn't make it... Now, boys and girls, lets learn about recycling!

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10 April 2008


I am one lucky girl. I get surprises from not one, but two important men in my life. First of all there is my husband, Diego, who has been known to surprise me with a drawn bath (complete with smooth music) after a long, day at work. Most recently, I came home from work and he had the lights off, had the table set with candles and flutes and prepared dinner for me. Does it get any better than this? And just when you think it doesn't Mi Padre steps in. From time to time he surprises me and sends me his latest woodworking handiwork. This last time, he remembered that I wanted a music box... and he made me one!
It is certainly not the greatest picture of my treasure but at least I have proof that I am special.

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05 April 2008

Red Carpet Highlights

I got to photograph Celebrity Fight Night this year. It's not nearly as glamorous as it sounds but here are some highlights.
Alice Cooper and his wife. He lives in the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills areas and does his nightly radio show (Nights with Alice Cooper) from his house.
Reba McIntire and Faith Hill. I weekend at Reba's house went for half a million dollars during the live auction. Faith and her husband Tim McGraw said they would join for dinner.
Mary Lou Retton of 1984 Olympic Fame. Now, which one is the daughter...
Shaquille O'Neal doing his most retarded "cactus" pose.
Whitney Houston and Nancy Lieberman (of the WNBA). Whitney was there to present an award to Clive Owen. She let out a few bars of (I believe it was) "I Will Always Love You" and she couldn't make it without her voice cracking. However, they are working on a new album...
This is by far not my best picture of Kevin Costner but I wanted to show that he is more than just an actor/director, he sings too. His band played at the After Party but I wasn't allowed to take my camera in. So we get the crappy photo...

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