23 February 2011

2010 Year End Wrap Up and Moving Forward

Yes, I do realize it's almost the end of February.  Whatever.  If 2009 was the year of us visiting everyone then 2010 was the year of everyone visiting us!

My friend Brandon came in April.  I can't put my fingers on any of those photos right now.  I think I've already packed the disc that has them... Brandon, email me a picture of the 2 of us from your visit please so I can update this post!!!

Then in July, my sister and her family came to visit.  Michael is not in this picture but he didn't like being in pictures anyway...

 And finally in December, we had Diego's mom and aunt come from Argentina!
With all that, we moved twice too.  The second time was cause we got smoked out of the first apartment.  We tried for a few weeks to beat that smoke smell from the previous or upstairs tenants but to no avail.  3 weeks later we moved.  Bother. 

Towards the end of the year I had surgery to remove a tumor from my uterus.  Not the cancerous kind but still bigger than a golf ball.  It wasn't really symptomatic but we are hopeful that it will change our chances of becoming and staying pregnant.

As far as moving forward in 2011, we are buying a house!!!  We should be in it within a month.  It has a HUGE walk-in pantry which is helpful because another one of our goals is to finish up our 1 year food storage.  72-hour kits - check.  3 month food storage - almost finished.  Non-perishables and toiletries - getting there.  1 year - I got nothing.  I wanna start a garden at the new house and I've been canning.  Here are some pictures of the chicken and breakfast sausage links I did.

Oh, and Diego is getting promoted! Hmm. What's next? *fingers crossed*

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