23 May 2006

Utah 2006

I went to Utah to see Nancy get married and take some pictures. Baptisms and weddings - I cry every time... It was so Nancy, very simple without alot of fanfare yet elegant and beautiful. The happy Toronto couple and the SLC temple. I love going to the live endowments there. You can pick up on other stuff that you wouldn't have notices before. Good stuff.
While in Utah I took some vacation, rented a car and hadn't a care in the world. I spent 6 years of my life attending BYU so I know plenty of people there still. I don't have pictures of everyone/everything and didn't have nearly enought time but here's a nice, random smattering. From top left: Me and Heather Nichols at the Bees baseball game, Tim and Bethony Hall with their little boy Ethan, Anna Frost (formerly Paget) with her sister Sarah's newborn girl, Y Mount - my old stomping ground, Me and Mari Heward (fromerly Tomkinson) at the only restaurant I need to vitist when I come to Utah (Los Hermanos) cause they have my favorite taquitos - shredded beef in a flour tortilla. Yum.
I love this view of the temple from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
And can you believe it! A sphynx with Joseph Smith's face on it in Gilgal Park. This place is definitely not run by the church although it was started by a man building sculpltures to manifest his testimony.
Mount Timpanogos. I never realize I miss the mountains until I see them again. They were the backdrop of my life for so many years. They help you keep your coordinates straight too. It was the end of May and it's still snowcapped. Ah, the beauty and majesty. Just think, the pioneers had to surmount that (among others)!

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Roll Over Party

Okay so it wasn't really a party per se but in true Snicker's commercial fashion I did pull over to "celebrate" and take a picture. I've never had a car roll over 100,000 miles.

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13 May 2006

St Amand Chi'ren

Daniel, Jacob and Emma. I've known these kids since before Daniel was born (He's 4 and a half now!). It's so much easier to babysit kids when you already know their intricacies. This day they all had ball games at the park. One day I'll take my own kids to the park and fraternize with the other parents...

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06 May 2006

That Mean Boy Stole Your Roommate

Natalie Douglas and Jesse Kipper got got married May 6, 2006. She was my roommate for nearly 3 years. We've been through alot together: hers and mine. Now it's time to live by myself for awhile...

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