24 November 2007

Our Tombstone Anniversary

Anniversary?! I know what you're thinking, "They just GOT married!" and you'd be correct. We celebrated our 6-month anniversary by going to Tombstone, Arizona. I sort of expected it to be HOT and dusty and it was cold and rainy. Nevertheless, we had a good time. Among other things, we ate some good food, saw a cyclorama/video presentation about the city's history and toured a museum about the city. Did you know there was only 1 illegal lynching there? Was it good that knowledge of any lynching whatsoever had completely slipped my mind? Or does that make me a bad person?
We saw the reenactment of the famous gunfight at the OK Corral.
And we toured the Good Enough silver mine.

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23 November 2007

Van Halen In Concert!

Diego and I went to see Val Halen touring with David Lee Roth (that's Eddie on guitar on the screen to the right). Eddie's 16-year old son was playing bass for the band. They never used to have those big jumbo screens when I first started going to concerts. I'm glad they do. Ticket prices are astronomical these days and I think I'd have to kill someone if I couldn't see anything!

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19 November 2007

A Camping We Did Go

We took our 1st camping trip together. We used the last of our wedding money and Diego's birthday money and bought us some camping gear. We bought a tent, tarp, portable grill, 2 sleeping bags and 2 mats. We left on Saturday and were supposed to find some friends that left on Friday. We never found them so we set up our own camp in the Coconino National Forest and had ourselves a barbecue!
This is Knoll Lake. Just a few step (so to speak) from where we pitched our tent. The stars that night were beautiful. It's just too bad that it was too darn cold to be out of our sleeping bag and enjoy it. I know. You probably think we are wusses and you're probably right. We are definitely car campers. But at least we're out enjoying nature!!!

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14 November 2007

Elf Yourself

This was so funny to watch!!!

Dancin' Diego and Sashaying Shannon

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11 November 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos, Diego!

Although I bought Diego a grill was throwing him a barbecue for his birthday he decided it was too much work for me to clean the house and opted to have the party at the house where he used to live with all the guys. Hence I have what all the cars, playground equipment and other random junk in the background are for.
Adrian introduces us to "Guitar Hero." Am I in trouble now?
The carrot cake I made for him with his Boca Juniors' colors for the frosting.
All 37 candles.................................... He's a bit afraid to get near it. Understandably so.
Esteban kicks it in the hammock after all the yummy food. I think it's interesting that they use french bread for buns instead of buying a package. I guess there, they said, "buns" are a specialty and much more expensive. Just a little side note. Here's another. We have hamburgers and hot dogs for our barbecues and they have sausage and beef. Random cultural difference. Nothing to be alarmed about.

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