30 January 2006

Laura's Birthday Bye-bye

So the girls went out for one last shin-dig before for Laura left town. It was in celebration of her birthday and but also in mourning of her moving away to Florida. All good things must come to an end and we have seen the dwindling of "the girls" for some time now. April, Heather, Katherine, Laura and me at Wahoo's in Decatur.

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28 January 2006

Nancy's Bachelorette Party

What do girls do at Bachelorette parties? I'm not going to tell you. I will simply show you the beginning:
and the end:
and let you draw your own conclusions...

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08 January 2006

Centennial Park Ice Skating

I think I won for falling the most, followed by Karla in close second. We were playing tag and none of us escaped being sore the next morning. Taylor's taking the picture and that's Spencer in the camo pants and Karla in the tan coat.

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New Years 2006 - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

So we rented a cabin in Tennessee for the new year. We took an afternoon and drove around Gatlinburg. We stopped at this place called "Cooters" and took pictures in front of the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. From the left it's Brandon, Seth, me and Liz.
I went to my very first ball drop while we were in Gatlinburg. This is me and Liz with Seth who was being our "keeper" in the mist of everyone in the crowd pressing up against us.

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01 January 2006

Stupid Human Tricks

So it just so happens that Nancy, the librarian, in the first picture is the one that always seems to turn every get together in to something that involves humans and being stupid. This night we rode the Pilates ball like it was a bull - for 8 seconds. Nate, in the middle, got pretty sophisticated with his double-reversal balancing act. Spencer, on the right, seems to be perched. As with all stupid human tricks, I guess you had to be there. We had us some fun!

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