24 July 2006

Dashboard Confessional?

Jeff-ferry and Karlita came with me to see Dashboard Confessional at the Civic Center. How there were seats available the day before the show I will never know... I thought the stage lights were pretty cool. Like little tufts of light or jellyfish of light. He he.

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23 July 2006

It's my PARTY!

I'm totally milking this turning 30 thing. Nobody seems to believe me, that I'm 30. I don't act that age. I don't look that age. Yet, I am and I don't care. Anyway. My girls threw me a big party. Instead of gifts, I had everyone bring a CD of their favorite music. I got at least 20! Cool. Everyone really got into the idea and I think it's really interesting to see what everyone is about through their music selections. Anyway. Here's some picts:

Where my girls at? Andrea on my right and Karlita on my left.
My birthday cake,
my birthday kiss,
and my birthday dance.
Me and my brotha attempting to do the same grin.
My friend Brandon. His dimples make me happy.

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Ray at Chastain

So I had my first experience at Chastain Park Amphitheater with my friend Sara. It's a pretty cool venue cause you can bring in food and stuff with you. We have like a TV tray in front of us with all of our yummies. Lots of people bring flowers and candles (besides the compulsory alcohol). It was a Guster show, whom I like, but we came mostly for Ray LaMontagne. It was AWESOME. I could have listened to him forever. It's really too bad he only played for half and hour. Other than that, the night was great!
Sorry that I've been looking so amazingly unpretty in these last few posts. I'd been doing manual labor at work and it's all I could do to come home, wash the sweat off and throw my hair up. At least I am still out having fun! Am I right?

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Improv in the Park

Tiffany and I went to see some free improv at Piedmont Park. Funny. Very funny. My favorite troupe, still, is Dad's Garage. We brought chairs and food and just sat and chatted and then just sat and laughed. Does it get any better than this?

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22 July 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!

"Think of it as the anniversary of the day the world was graced with your presence!" That's what the card from my parents said and I agree. Yeah, me! I gathered my favoritest of people and went to the swanky One Midtown Kitchen for dinner. Karlita is on the left and Andrea is on the right.

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06 July 2006

Happy Independence Day

So after the BBQ, Andrea got us a great parking place and we all headed down to Lenox Mall to watch the fireworks. We wanted a light show and I guess we got it. I nice thunderstorm came over and I caught a lucky shot of the lightening.

As it was raining everyone thought the show was cancelled so they resorted to having their own - right next to their cars in the parking garage. Smart.

We, being shielded by an overhang, waited out the storm. My personally theory was that they paid alot of money for those fireworks and they wouldn't just let them go to waste, right? The waiting paid off and the light show we came for finally came to pass.

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My Birth Month

I am celebrating my ENTIRE birth MONTH. Hey, it's not every month you pass into another decade!

It started off excellently. We got back from Vegas a day early so I slept in the next morning before having a go at the day. It was quite productive, I must say. In 2 hours I got a new drivers license, an oil change, my emissions tested and my car washed. I thought it'd take 2 hours just to get my license renewed. Cool! I finally found pillows for my couch and a rug for my living room. Then my brother came over and we met up with a few of my friends for dinner. After that, I saw "The Devil Wears Prada" with a girlfriend of mine. So that was Saturday.

Sunday I taught my last lesson as a Sunday School teacher. Really I've only taught maybe 4 times but they thought my talents would be better suited as co-chair of the Publicity Council. Pretty much they want to resurrect the Ward Newsletter. Little did they know that I was the very same co-chair when I first arrived in Atlanta and I started the newsletter to begin with. Okay, so I invite some friends over to my small abode to make Chinese food. (Truly, you can't make Chinese food by yourself. It just takes too long to cut everything and wrap all those potstickers alone...) Anyway. It was way yummy. We then watched "Between Heaven and Earth," a church movie about temples. But that wasn't enough for us. We then went to another house where she made chocolate chip cookies and watched "Finding Neverland." To complete the progressive evening, I spent the night at yet another house and she made breakfast for us the next morning.

So now it's Monday and only 3 days into my birth month. A girlfriend and I go get pedicures and then make our way to the BODIES exhibit at the Civic Center. We didn't end up going through as I had a facial appointment at 4pm and I didn't want to cut our time short. We bought tickets for tomorrow instead. Now, it's facial time... After that I bought a frozen pizza, made chocolate chip cookes and watched television. I had no desire to go out with everyone. I instead worked on a new banner and layout for the newsletter. If anyone is interested, I have an article I wrote that I need some men to read to make sure it's not fluff (the women have already had their hands on it).

So now it's Tuesday, the 4th of July. I spent THREE HOURS in the BODIES exhibit. Good thing we didn't try to squeeze it in yesterday. Later, I laid by the pool with some friends and ate watermelon. Exactly what I wanted to do. Don't you ever get the random urge to do a bunch of specific nothing? Maybe that just happens to me. Anyway. After lounging there was a quick shower before running off, late, to my friends BBQ.

For such an eventful 3 days I certainly don't have any photographs to prove it. So, you get this one, my driver's license photo. It's funny that I'm smiling so big. I didn't think you were allowed to smile in these photos so I was trying to smirk, sort of half smile/half not and the guys takes the picture and just looks at me. "What? Do you have something against smiling," he says. "I didn't think you were allowed to smile," I say. Needless to say he took a second picture. It must have just been a Louisiana thing 'cause my brother comes over and the first thing he says is, "Why are you smiling so big?" Bother. Me and my crooked smile... Part of what makes me - me.

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Las Vegas 2006

I told you guys once that I always bounce back between Las Vegas and Florid and Florida and Las Vegas for work but you didn't believe me. Yet again, I was in Vegas working a convention. Although, despite the long days, this time I took the opportunity to take some of my own pictures. This is The Strip. I hate Vegas. If you've done Vegas and you don't drink or gamble then you're done with Vegas.

This is about one of the only things I like about Vegas. The water ballet at the Bellagio. I really like that hotel in general with its glass flowers, floral statues, chocolate fountains and all. Maybe one of these trips we'll get the chance to stay there. Right.

This is one of the other good things about Vegas. The temple. Normally I don't get the time or opportunity to go to the temple when I am traveling for business. However, this time I worked a deal with my boss. I photographed something he didn't want to and then worked the late shift. I have an old college roommate in Vegas so she came for me at the Mandalay Bay and thus we have pictures of the temple. The Celestial Room has a vaulted ceiling and it just seemed as if the air was filled with angels.

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