22 October 2008

HOV San Antonio 2008

Okay, ladies, here is the slide show from our HOV trip to San Antonio. Most of you should have your recipe books by now and now we have even more fun - with pictures.
I missed all those who were not able to be there (Heidi, Stacie, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lisa, Laura, Nicole). We had fun and laughed A TON! I totally forgot how funny I was... (Really?)
We went to the Natural Bridge Caverns, the Alamo, ate Mexican food, Katherine made a cake, April made pancakes, we watched a movie, went to Fredricksburg, ate German food, had a birthday party, April had HOV survival kits waiting for us when we got there and laughed and laughed and laughed.
It was just a PHAT party. Shall I rub it in more or was that enough to make you want to come next time?...

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5 of 12

I'm still working on the HOV San Antonio slideshow but here's a picture of girls who were able to make the weekend trip. There is a total of 12 of us, all friends from Atlanta. 8 of us are married and a solid HALF of those met their husbands on ldssingles.com - IMPRESSIVE! So, go shopping girls!

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21 October 2008

The Boys Go Camping

So when I went out of town for my girls trip, Diego got out of town for some guys camping. Ah, no girls... They can grill meat till their hearts desire and swear in Spanish all they want.

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20 October 2008

Cake #2 and #3

Cake #2 - We learned the shell border (which I don't think I'm very good at) and some drop flowers.
Cake #3 (and final) - we learned some more flowers (including roses but mine still looked jacked - I need more practice) and leaves. Can you tell I was favoring the chocolate icing?...

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19 October 2008

Scout Campout - Cave Exploring

I wish he'd taken pictures inside the cave but I guess it's sort of difficult when you're crawling through mud on your side. Oh, there's always that total darkness thing too.

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17 October 2008

Flash Back Friday

This one is courtesy of my dad. Me at age 5.

This one is from me - at age 26/27 (2003-ish). I think I like my dad's picture better. How did I get another bunny in my hands nearly 20 years later??...

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