29 June 2009

Solving the Cube

After 27 years, he finally solves the cube. I lost him for a few weeks there but he's back now. Well, he was for a moment before he decided to memorize the moves. I'm so proud of him. Another check of his Bucket List...

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21 June 2009

Picnic in the Park

What a honey! Diego has the best ideas sometimes. One day he says he wants to have a picnic in the park. Fine by me. So we go to Freestone Park and have bagel sandwiches and play Yahtzee. Does that make us lame or cool? Doesn't matter. I liked it.

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18 June 2009

Argentina Otra Vez

How often do you get to go to Argentina 2 years in a row? Now very. We were lucky, not rich. This is us in the ball pit at the peloteria where they had Valentina's birthday party.
Inside the Casa Rosada (their version of the White House) the day we arrived - no showers yet.
Cafe Tortoni's for a tango show. Diego and I fell in love with the accordion and we subsequently bought LOTS of tango music.
A picture of the band and the dancers at the tango show.
Proof that Diego has karaoked.
With his best friends Adrian and Alejandro at a party at Alejandro's house for their old classmates. When I say old, I'm talkin' elementary school.
Before the Boca Junior game. Unless you are a season ticket holder, you have to buy scalped tickets and sit in the visitor section with the rest of the tourist. BOO! Nevertheless, the game was good.
Mis suegros. My in-laws.
I spent 2 weeks in Argentina without Diego and attended a Spanish school almost 2 hours away in the capital. This was my teacher Maria Clara.
We had 6 people (a full class). This is only 3 of us. The guy on the right end is my new friend from New Zealand.
None of Diego's family speaks English. Sometimes it wasn't fun to be forced to speak Spanish. Now that I am home, I don't feel like I learned a whole lot. Huh. Still, I wouldn't trade my little study abroad. If nothing else, I got to know Diego's family better. And that will be important because who knows when we will be able to go back...

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Valentina's 1st Birthday

Our niece turned 1 and with Diego's bonus we were able to go to Argentina again and celebrate with the family. We think she's rather adorable, so that means lots of pictures. Here she is on her actual birthday.
Her super-smile.
Playing with her dad.
Dancing with her mom at her birthday party.
The cute, little family.
No, that isn't Diego, it's his younger brother, Gonzalo.
With her old school Rolling Stones/Beatles haircut.
She's so awesome. Such a good baby too.
We miss you guys. Don't forget us!

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These are a few of my favorite things.

Submarinos (con medialunas de manteca): one of my most favorite things in Argentina. So much so that it deserved it's own photo story.

It's as simple as steamed milk in a glass container.
Then you drop in the chocolate and add the sugar.
Stir until you have chocolate goodness. You don't even have to be too patient while it melts.
Drink. Enjoy your medialunas.
All finished, or is it...?
Now you have the most awesome sludge I have ever tasted. Chocolate goodness at the bottom of the glass.
And that, my friends, is a submarino. Recreate as you will and enjoy!

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Boca vs Arsenal. Boca Wins!

Maybe the videos won't be clear but I was recording alot for sound too. The Boca fans are famous because the don't stop singing and chanting the ENTIRE game! You can hear how they explode after the goals. Good stuff, by itself.

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More Photos of Food

Creme BruleƩ. My first attempt. I think I did an awesome job.
In Argentina, my mother-in-law and I made Pasta Frola. It's like a tart made with Membrillo. Not sure the fruit it comes from but it's like a thick jam. They call everything made with flour pasta so be careful. Pasta, as in noodles, is fideos. Pizza can be pasta, this tart is pasta... Doesn't matter. It's yummy too!
I made empanadas again but, of course, I forgot to get a picture of them after they were cooked. Here is a picture of the assembly. Take the dough, top it with the meat filling, add chopped eggs and green olives and fold. Then fry or bake per the dough you are using. Delish!

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Yo Motha!

Does anyone remember these old MTV commercials from the 90's? And more importantly, where I can get my hands on any more? "Yo motha's got a glass leg and it's got Kool-aid in it!" That was good stuff!

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