24 November 2008

I've created a monster - a.k.a. Diego goes skydiving

So Diego has this short list of things he wants to accomplish and they are all very manageable. Things like learning to swim, playing the harmonica and solving the Rubik's cube. It makes me happy that I can help him accomplish those things for his birthday I crossed one off his list and bought him a jump out of an airplane. Skydiving. I my effort to please the love of my life, I've created a monster... He ABSOLUTELY loved it. And I can't blame him - I loved it to when I went. He's already scheduled the date for his second jump and when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, his reply is "a parachute." I can't buy him a parachute! I thought it was a lovely gesture to shave some things off his short list... I have, indeed, created a skydiving monster!

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10 November 2008

The Parentials Came To Town

So my parents came to town, they say, for my father's 40th high school reunion. I prefer to think it was just an excuse to see me and my new husband (this was the 2nd time they've met him - the 1st being the wedding). The whole time, I never took out my camera. I'm totally slipping. So I must rely on my dad's pictures... Although, this 1st one is really quite nice.
While Diego was at work, my folks and I went to the Natural History Museum. This is me panning for gold. It was taken with my dad's cell phone.
We had a, sort of, mini-family reunion while they were here. All of my mother's immediate family lives here although there a few that I still don't know. I took this as an opportunity to make contact with them. Hopefully, I can be a better niece in the future. Again, I didn't pull out my camera. Stupid!

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