26 August 2007

Afro Duck and Scaredy Goose

Does that just not make you crack up.?! It's my Afro Duck! My favorite! Diego and I went to feed the ducks on Sunday and we ended up with a crowd. (I must say that was the intention...) My other favorite was Scaredy Goose (he's one of the geese standing behind Diego in the bottom picture). Remember that one kid back in school that was on your volleyball team in gym class. You know, the one who stood ready but then winced when ever the ball came near him. Ya, well, this goose was like that. He kept coming near me for bread but then would duck and weave whenever I threw it to him, inevitably giving the other geese the opportunity to steal his prize. Silly goose... Good times.

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24 August 2007

Where Are They Now?

So my hometown of Slidell, Louisiana did a gallery show called "Where Are They Now?" highlighting students who went on to pursue their artistic talents/interests into professions. Here's an excerpt of an article written about the even along with a picture of the pieces that I sent in for the show. They are from my Senior Show called "The Nature of Humans" at BYU. They are macro images and original subjects were only about 1 or 2 centimeters. Kinda cool, huh?


Slidell proud of local grads' talents
Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Kathleen Deshotel

"Visitors at the crowded reception were treated to beautiful paintings and photographs by artists in attendance and those whose jobs or new homes kept them from returning for the show.

Shannon Henry Lista, who shoots photographs as both a freelance and as a staffer for an Arizona newspaper, sent four amazing macros of insects for display. Among those admiring the amazing photographs was fellow photographer Laurie Manley, executive director of the Slidell Art League. "When those came in and we unpacked them, I was excited and thrilled by the beauty of them," Manley said."

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21 August 2007

Only in the Mormon-populated West...

This was on a truck that I was driving behind for quite some time. Where else, in the world, would you ever see such a sign?! He is very true. He is a child of God. As we all are.

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03 August 2007

The Wedding Slideshow

This has been a much asked for item and I am proud to finally say, "Here it is, world! All you people who don't know me but will find this blog and this video, glad to meet ya. Enjoy."

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