25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

This was my Christmas present. I saved up all my Christmas money (well, potential Christmas money since I bought it in a sale that ended at Thanksgiving) and bought myself this. A fancy Bosch mixer!My first creation - cinnamon rolls. Whole wheat cinnamon rolls. I cracked the wheat myself with a mill a borrowed from my aunt. And even though they were 100% whole wheat they were still quite yummy if I do say so myself.

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22 December 2008

Hint and ye shall receive...

So we had a ward Christmas party and they gave single roses to the ladies. I "mentioned" to Diego that I didn't know where the vase was since it had been so long since I've gotten flowers... Lo and behold, on Monday I came home to these beauties!

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17 December 2008

Old Friends

It's been a month of finding old friends. This, below, is Tara and her family. I knew her when I first moved to Georgia. I also got to meet up with Jen from Louisiana and Leslie from BYU although I didn't get pictures with them. Bad Shannon!

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12 December 2008

Taser Party

This picture was taken at Diego's work Christmas party. They had it at their building and they did a great job of transforming it. They had a cigar booth, an Indian herb smoke booth, a fun photo booth, Wii Bowling, Rock Band and...
...caricatures. Really, that could be any bald guy but it's still fun.

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11 December 2008

It's Snowing... In Louisiana

It must be the end of the world because THIS is what my father is seeing outside his window at work - IN LOUISIANA!!!

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09 December 2008

And Christmas Begins...

We bought this tiniest of manger scenes while we were in Utah for Thanksgiving. Both Diego and I want to invest in a hard-core nativity - you know, the kind you have to buy piece by piece and usually from anohter country. I haven't been able to find anything worth investing in. Please, please if you know of a maker that I can research, we would greatly appreciate it. For now, this will do. We don't have much space anyway. (BTW, I added the "Joy" and the moss and the lights... Christmas presents are care of my mom and dad.)

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01 December 2008

Utah for Thanksgiving

Diego and I went to Utah for Thanksgiving. We wanted to go last year but Van Halen won out... We stayed with my friend Jenny and had Thanksgiving dinner at her parents house. It just so happens that her dad was my Stake President for a bazillion years and her mom taught my seminary class. This pictures shows 3 of Jenny's for kids - 4 boys and eventually a

We had lunch at The Pie and Christy and Scott Porter met us there with their spouses.

Diego and I did a bunch of touristy stuff - although we've both done them before.
We had dinner with some of Diego's friends at an Argentine restaurant in Clearfield. We were there for 3 hours and didn't even know it. It was good food too, straight from Argentina!
The next night we had dinner with some of my friends. Below is Jenny (who we stayed with) and her husband Robert. **Incidentally, she's the one who bought me Twilight" and got me hooked.**
Neither of us have family there but we both have lots of friends. I spent 6 years in college in Utah and Diego considers it his home away from Argentina. We got Diego's friends in one shot but mine left at different times so from top left we have: Dara - from my freshman year at BYU, Frank - Diego's friend that couldn't meet us the previous day, Christy - a roommate from Atlanta and Daniel - a friend from my stake back in Louisiana. Talk about a time warp. Much fun. Although, we both say we're not going back until we forget how long the drive is!

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24 November 2008

I've created a monster - a.k.a. Diego goes skydiving

So Diego has this short list of things he wants to accomplish and they are all very manageable. Things like learning to swim, playing the harmonica and solving the Rubik's cube. It makes me happy that I can help him accomplish those things for his birthday I crossed one off his list and bought him a jump out of an airplane. Skydiving. I my effort to please the love of my life, I've created a monster... He ABSOLUTELY loved it. And I can't blame him - I loved it to when I went. He's already scheduled the date for his second jump and when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, his reply is "a parachute." I can't buy him a parachute! I thought it was a lovely gesture to shave some things off his short list... I have, indeed, created a skydiving monster!

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10 November 2008

The Parentials Came To Town

So my parents came to town, they say, for my father's 40th high school reunion. I prefer to think it was just an excuse to see me and my new husband (this was the 2nd time they've met him - the 1st being the wedding). The whole time, I never took out my camera. I'm totally slipping. So I must rely on my dad's pictures... Although, this 1st one is really quite nice.
While Diego was at work, my folks and I went to the Natural History Museum. This is me panning for gold. It was taken with my dad's cell phone.
We had a, sort of, mini-family reunion while they were here. All of my mother's immediate family lives here although there a few that I still don't know. I took this as an opportunity to make contact with them. Hopefully, I can be a better niece in the future. Again, I didn't pull out my camera. Stupid!

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22 October 2008

HOV San Antonio 2008

Okay, ladies, here is the slide show from our HOV trip to San Antonio. Most of you should have your recipe books by now and now we have even more fun - with pictures.
I missed all those who were not able to be there (Heidi, Stacie, Elizabeth, Lisa, Lisa, Laura, Nicole). We had fun and laughed A TON! I totally forgot how funny I was... (Really?)
We went to the Natural Bridge Caverns, the Alamo, ate Mexican food, Katherine made a cake, April made pancakes, we watched a movie, went to Fredricksburg, ate German food, had a birthday party, April had HOV survival kits waiting for us when we got there and laughed and laughed and laughed.
It was just a PHAT party. Shall I rub it in more or was that enough to make you want to come next time?...

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5 of 12

I'm still working on the HOV San Antonio slideshow but here's a picture of girls who were able to make the weekend trip. There is a total of 12 of us, all friends from Atlanta. 8 of us are married and a solid HALF of those met their husbands on ldssingles.com - IMPRESSIVE! So, go shopping girls!

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21 October 2008

The Boys Go Camping

So when I went out of town for my girls trip, Diego got out of town for some guys camping. Ah, no girls... They can grill meat till their hearts desire and swear in Spanish all they want.

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20 October 2008

Cake #2 and #3

Cake #2 - We learned the shell border (which I don't think I'm very good at) and some drop flowers.
Cake #3 (and final) - we learned some more flowers (including roses but mine still looked jacked - I need more practice) and leaves. Can you tell I was favoring the chocolate icing?...

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19 October 2008

Scout Campout - Cave Exploring

I wish he'd taken pictures inside the cave but I guess it's sort of difficult when you're crawling through mud on your side. Oh, there's always that total darkness thing too.

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17 October 2008

Flash Back Friday

This one is courtesy of my dad. Me at age 5.

This one is from me - at age 26/27 (2003-ish). I think I like my dad's picture better. How did I get another bunny in my hands nearly 20 years later??...

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20 September 2008

Why I Love My Husband

He never lets me stay mad at him!!

He does the dishes.

He can't just look at me cause he just wants to kiss me.

He has got great eyelashes.

He volunteered to clean the, uh, my, hair of out of the tub drain just cause I mentioned it was slow.

He cleaned the whole apartment just cause I mentioned I was stressed cause things weren't getting done.

He moisturizes.

He is worthy of his Priesthood.

He says "I love you too" before I even say "I love you." Okay, sometimes that bothers me but mostly I love that he says it cause he knows that I am going to say it.

He is disciplined in so many things. (I can learn alot from him)

He is WAY handsome!

He is more conscious than me of our food storage and emergency preparedness.

He ALWAYS gives me the couch I want.

He is super supportive and reasonable.

He puts up with a crazy, lunatic sleeping next to him - ME!

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19 September 2008

Cake #1

So I'm taking this cake decorating class. It's only 4 weeks but it's fun. This is week 2, my first cake. It's filled with dulce de leche and is themed after Diego's soccer team in Argentina, the Boca Junior. My frosting is a bit grainy-looking (although it tastes great) and I sprayed that blue on so you can now see ALL the imperfections. I was in a hurry to leave class so the "B" and the "o" in Boca are a bit jagged too. Plus, I only know how to do stars right now. Other than that, for my first attempt, I think it's acceptable.

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Indoor Camping

We wanted to go camping for Labor Day but the chance of rain kept increasing. So, instead, we popped up the tent inside the apartment. That, of course, meant that we had to move a bunch of furniture out of the way since our place is so small.
We cooked hot dogs on the grill and I even fashioned some sort of pineapple-upside-down-tinfoil dessert that was actually quite yum-o. Once in our tent... we watched TV - the Simpsons to be exact... Doesn't matter, it was fun!
Mi esposo es muy guapo!!! Chica con suerte!

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Flash Back Friday

In honor of this post, I am doing a Flash Back Friday post.

This is from 2000 when I moved to Atlanta and these are the 2 girls, Lindsay and Tara, who started to teach me about being a girly-girl (although I don't think they know it). There was a whole group of us and we used to go hang out at parks when there wasn't anything to do. Actually, we used to have fun no matter what we were doing. It was just a great group. Every Friday night we'd start calling around because we all knew we'd be hangin' out. Good times...

Some times there was more or less of us but the core was always the same: me, Tara, Lindsay, Mike Beaver, Brandon Nutter and the Boatwright Brothers (Jonathan, Justin and Adam).

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08 September 2008


My brother and I used to laugh our faces off at this stuff!...

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20 August 2008

Random Thoughts 8.20.08

Phelpsian Feat has been coined.

Diego lets me watch the Olympics every night even though he could care less and he hasn't seen The Simpsons in FOREVER!

I'm a lucky girl...

We bought Diego's family a web cam and we've been have a blast video chatting with them.

One more payment and my camera equipment is paid off. That just leaves my student loans (which, *cross your fingers*, should only take about a year and a half). WOO HOO!

I'm about to start Spanish class again and Diego is taking a Management and Leadership class.

We moved into the new chapel last Sunday. I'm in Young Womens when Relief Society meets so I miss the only time I actually got to meet with the sisters (remember I'm in a Spanish branch connected to a regular ward).

Every week someone else is brave enough to speak English to me (see above)! Obviously, no real connections.

I'm working on the soundtrack and the recipe book for the HOV trip with the girls in October. Very excited to be creative again... Here's a sneak peek at the cover.

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Grandpa Reads

I stole this picture from my dad's blog. My parents recently, July, went to visit my sister somewhere in the Indiana, Ohio, Illinois area (not being specific cause I don't know "who" reads this blog). My sister and her 2 boys are the only ones that Diego hasn't met yet. Bryce is 6 and Cole is 4. I can't wait until we can have some sort of family reunion sometime...

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31 July 2008

Going Down Memory Lane

I stole this idea from a friend of a friend's blog. Do it. It's fun. And, hey, there is a reward - you get the same treatment on your blog!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

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