28 March 2006

Mesa, Arizona Temple

My parents were sealed here... The panels that go around the temple are of different groups of pioneers.
The Christus inside the Visitor Center. I saw the new Joseph Smith film while I was there.

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Members of the Mesa Clan

So Mesa may be the only other place in the world that I have family so when I had a job in Phoenix, I decided to head over a few days early and visit them. Silly me barely pulled out a camera to capture them. This is my cousin Evan with this "girlfriend" Victoria.
This is my Aunt Judy. She says I'm her favorite niece but I'm not sure the competition is very stiff. She'll probably kill me for this picture. For some reason I like to take pictures of other people taking pictures. Who knew?

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26 March 2006

Nancy's Gonna Get Hitched

So it's Nancy's last Sunday in Georgia and she has a dinner for us, her friends, at Leslie's house. This is her and Dave (her fiance). I hope we got some good engagement photos. He wanted to take more joke pictures that real ones.
This is the, hidden, double sadness of Shannon as it's the last time she'll see Nancy in Georgia and I have to leave the party early and go to work. Boooo. On both accounts!

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10 March 2006

Harlem Globetrotters

So Karla scored some tickets to go see the Harlem Globetrotter and then got us into a meet and greet session. Since I was the shortest, I decided to stand in front of the tallest guy (just for giggles). Okay! I'm 5'4". What was he, like 7'4"?
In all actuality, I wasn't that interested in the Globetrotters. I had eyes only for the MC that night. He had passion, he danced and he play kickin' music too! Leighton, you are one kool kat.

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