20 July 2009

Grand Canyon - North Rim

We went camping with strangers again. Have you guys ever heard of the website Meetup.com? We'll we are members of this group called the Arizona Outdoor and Adventure Group and they planed this awesome trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It just happened to coincide with my birthday. These, below, are views from the campsite - literally, so close.
A view on the way to Point Imperial.
These aspens didn't translate very well, but they were absolutely GLOWING. I wish I were a better photographer...
Aren't we so cute!?
Everyone was at the lodge facing the canyon to watch the sunset. It made no sense to me, the sun was setting the other direction. So, we went back to the campsite to watch.
A view point on the way to Point Sublime. It's the most interior point you can get to/drive to (I'm not sure) but you need a 4-wheel drive to get there. It's it magnificent?! Some of these places are vertigo inducing - even if you are not afraid of heights.
Diego wouldn't let me put my feet over the edge. I was surprised just how many places you are allowed to go without restraint.
This is maybe a quarter of the entire group that we went with. Not everyone wanted to go to Point Sublime.
I LOVE this picture!!!!!
The Colorado River. No, we did not hike down the the bottom.
And just in case any of you noticed the one-arm burn in these pictures. Yes, I did get sunburned but I didn't even get a chance to put sunblock on! That burn was from the drive TO the canyon. I told Diego I had to drive at least part of the way home to even it you. I think I was successful.

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14 July 2009

My Girls

It's amazing what you find after living in a place for over 2 years. These 2 girls have been here the whole time. Thanks Facebook! These girls are from college! I've known them for like 15 years. It was SOOO awesome to see them again and just laugh our faces off. I can't wait to see them again!

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12 July 2009


Diego went with me to see Wicked even though he doesn't like musicals and it's hard for him to understand. He's a trooper. We had high balcony seats, which normally I don't mind but this theater is really steep! Note to self: don't get balcony seats at Gammage.

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