29 December 2006

Shan Diego

This is Diego's internet premier. Say hello to all the lovely people. I met him the second day I was in Arizona... The Lord works in mysterious ways!
This is us going to his work Christmas party.
Aren't we cute?!

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27 December 2006

The Lights at Temple Square

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26 December 2006

Christmas in Arizona

Need I say more?...

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22 December 2006

Operation Santa Claus

My cousin, Brittany and I, volunteered with the Food Bank. I do love to volunteer. It does my heart good. This time it was Operation Santa Claus with ABC channel 15. The ENTIRE atrium level was filled with toys and food.
We then had about 150 people make a human chain to move everything downstairs and to the designated trucks.
Me with Santa Claus! He was helping right next to me in the chain.

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20 December 2006

Brandon Goes To Utah (and other fun stuff)

Okay, so this first picture isn't of Utah but it is on the way. I didn't feel like driving straight through to Salt Lake so I spent the night in Las Vegas with some friends. This is Hoover Dam at twilight.
This is my friend Julia in Park City with her lovely daughter Josie. Yeah for good friends!
This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning. This Southern girl isn't used to shedding 5 INCHES of snow off her car in the morning!
Ah, the Cristus. You can feel the Spirit getting stronger as you acend the spiral walkway... I love that feeling.
The Conference Center. Where we got to see Music and the Spoken Word and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert. It looks bigger on TV.
Brandon and I with the Lights at Temple Square.

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06 December 2006

Funny Signage #2

Does anyone else see the humor, or is it just me? Mow Power, get it? Like Mo' Better Blues... I drive past this thing every day and it's still funny!

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