30 December 2011

Maternity Pictures and Update

So this is me on Christmas Eve at about 33 weeks.  It's kinda difficult to take your own maternity pictures but we did the best we could. I might have perfected the posing and changed up the background but this will suffice. But why did no one tell me my face was getting so puffy!?

Most everything is done.  The crib is built.  The dresser is build and stocked with washed clothes and a few diapers. The stroller is together.  The car seats will get installed in a week or so. I have just about everything I want/need for my hospital bag - I just have to pack it.  I've been so fixated on this c-section and coming to terms with it that it finally dawned on me a few weeks ago that this child may not actually come when I schedule it.  I mean it won't come later but it might actually come earlier!  Silly me!
I've had a really easy pregnancy but here in the last 6 weeks a bunch of mild problems have kicked in and some have already subsided.  None are worrisome but a few are mildly irritating and/or painful.  Still I can't complain.  I make a lot more noise these days, like when I try to bend over to tie my shoes or when he "kicks" me somewhere not so comfortable.  Diego says I'm snoring from time to time too... Bother.
I ADORE this picture below.  Diego's face is so content and happy.  He makes me lift my shirt and he kisses my belly usually when he leaves for work and then again some time in the evening.  He's gonna be a great father! I love that man.  I'm gonna keep him!

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