27 February 2006


We went to go see Supercross racing at the Georgia Dome. I cannot even remember the last time I actually saw a stadium filled! There were so many people there. Move over grassy fields, here comes the dirt track!
This is Taylor with Kristen, me and Karla. He takes a new group every year to experience for ourselfes the thrill that is motorcross. There was also Megan, Matt, Ashley, Michelle and Dane. Do you think my shirt is too bright?

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Oahu, Hawaii 2006 - At Work...

This is one of MANY rainbows I captured while on the island. I guess Hawaii is the pot o' gold.
Me. Laughing. As usual. *note the trees behind. see below*
So I fell in love with these 4 palm trees. Everytime I looked at them they looked different to me. I took SO many pictures of them (I did the same thing when I went to the Great Wall in China - it always looked different). Anyway. This is one of my favorites. But, never fear, there's plenty more. Like the one above of me laughing. Those are my trees, behind me.
And this one with the trees behind me again. I am taking this picture of myself from the balcony of our workroom back into the mirrored sliding glass door.
Besides shooting the beach and pool about 8 thousand times, I did get to photograph some attendees on a dolphin excursion. You never know when these little buggers are gonna jump out the water! It's really not that easy and that long lens is HEAVY! I'm gonna have some mighty muscles when I am done with this.

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26 February 2006

Oahu, Hawaii 2006 - On Vacation...

So we got to our hostel/apartment rather late and we basically just crashed (in one bed cause the other wasn't made, eww). In the morning we woke up to this right outside our sliding glass door. How cool is that?! This was our view!
We climbed some rocks directly behind our place just to do it. Not a soul in sight. I like it. No major tourist attractions, not distracting road markings, just real people hanging out and being themselves.
At the Dole Plantation. JJ and I went through the pineapple maze (literally). I had her take this picture through one of those viewing stations that you drop a quarter in and then you can see the views in the distance. I didn't really understand why it was there since there was no distance and, really, no view. So I decided to make one.
And. A Baby Pineapple! "If I don't get my pineapple then I don't get my vitamin C. If I don't get my vitamin C then I CAN'T WORK ANYMORE! Stupid agent! You're fired. I'm all worked up now. I'm gonna go outside." Does anyone like Brak? Look it up.
At the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Center) drinking coconut juice straight from the coconut. They have little "villages" where you can experience different cultures. That's where the arm band came from. It's kinda cool. We went to the show that night. It's just like seeing the old-school Lamanite Generation in the old BYU days.
The Laie, Hawaii Temple. Kinda want to keep the sacred-ness of viewing this picture but do I have seem to have a problem with my horizon line? I mean, I am a professional and all I should be able to straighten my pictures in the frame, right?
FIRE IN THE SKY! I LOVE when it looks like the sky is on fire. I never get the sunset when I'm in the continental United States. I miss it. I must find it... (I said that when I came back from Egypt too). The sunset is one of those things that never gets old. Maybe because it's never the same even if you've watch it from the same location.

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