17 May 2012

Swim Class

He's been in "swim" class since he was 5 weeks old.  He's so comfortable in the water. And, he sleeps SOO good after class.  Such a sweet little man!

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07 May 2012

Liam 3 Months

Gettin' so big, and such a happy boy!

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13 April 2012

All About Liam, so far...

Asleep on his Aunt Stacy. She make it look so easy and effortless.
 Xenises como su papi! Already a Boca fan?
 His first playdate, with little Andrew.
One of Liam's favorite places at one of his favorite times of day - his late afternoon, post-feeding daddytime cat nap. I personally think he's crankier when he doesn't get it!
 The obligatory bath time photo complete with light blue washcloth sarong.
 More daddytime - Pata Sucia! I love that little head safely cradled by those giant hands!
This is my favorite hug. When I'm holding Liam and Diego hugs the two of us together. That man loves this kid so much I have to make sure he kisses me every time he kisses him so I don't get jealous.  I'm not kidding.
 There were no pictures of me so I've been making Diego take some. I guess I should give a little leeway. I've got my boob out half the time.
 Seriously people!!!  What's not to love???  He loves to smile. And I love that he loves to smile.

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08 April 2012

Easter 2012

This is the only article of clothing that I actually bought for him.  I think it was an excellent purchase...  His hair looks a tad red here, mostly it's just dirty blonde. He's so freakin' cute!
 We went to a baby blessing of a friend of ours on Easter Sunday. Next year Liam might be big enough for an Easter Egg Hunt. We shall see. Seriously though, how do you not love little baby vests!?

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06 April 2012

Liam, month 2

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03 April 2012

Stretchy Faces

My favorite part of the day is when I "unleash the Krackin" as my father calls it. He still like to be swaddled when he sleeps so when we let him loose this is what we get. This isn't even the best at showing how awesome his stretchy faces are and probably only family will enjoy them but here it is anyway.

He makes the BEST faces. And I just LOVE when he throws both of this arms up in the air,points his finger,  arches his back, tilts his head and makes his stretchy face.

Ah. Life is good.

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30 March 2012

Family Who Visited

We were so lucky to have to much family come visit and help out. First there was Diego's mother.  She came from Argentina the week before Liam was born. Gracias a Abuelita Gladis por tu ayuda!
Then my little sister came to get her baby fix.  She was a super help when I needed a shower or a nap or to generally keep sane.
Then my parents came for Liam's blessing. My mother taught me to play and sing with Liam (something I had been too stressed to think about doing).
My father pampered me with cooking, cookware and extra food for the freezer!
He claims he was pretty hands off when we were kids.  I think he likes being a grandpa though.  Here he is keeping Liam happy while mommy finishes pumping her milk.
Thanks to everyone who helped and visited during that very difficult beginning! I have the best family!

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25 March 2012

Blessing Day

Little Liam's amazingly cute blessing outfit lovingly made by his adopted grandma Jolene! How doesn't love a little tiny vest and bow tie!? AND... she stitched his name and blessing date on the cuff of one of his pant legs! She's pretty amazing!
 The proud parents!!!
 4 generations. Liam's mom, grandma and great-grandma from his momma's side!
 The Argentines - what I consider to be Diego's family here in Arizona.
I gotta say it was nice to finally return to church. I was surprised by a flood of emotion as I walked the hall to take Liam to the Mother's Lounge.  I was a welcomed manifestation of the Spirit!

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15 March 2012

Newborn Pics (or the lack thereof)

This is the closest I came to getting newborn pictures.  Being a photographer I had so many ideas in my head but being a new mom I never could find a time when he was calm enough to implement them. They aren't so bad there just isn't alot of variety or pizzazz to them.  

To be honest, I look back at that time (the first month) and I am amazed I even got these pictures.  I guess the guilt of not having anything (coupled with the shame of actually being a photographer) outweighed the depression. It was pretty rough in the beginning.  That was supposed to be the happiest time of my life and it wasn't.  I mean, Liam took his sweet time coming to us! I should have been ecstatic. But, I wasn't. I bet everyone feels this way but it was all SOOO overwhelming to me.  Most people talk about the exhaustion but for me it was more about the lack of schedule/control and the permanent butt print I was leaving on the couch while I was nursing this child. They tell you that they need to eat every 2-3 hours. What they don't tell you is that it can take that long to get a feeding done! I know my only job was to love that baby but it was a shock to my system not to get anything else done.  Plus, we had our share of breastfeeding issues... And, holy hell, if one more person tells me just to stop and enjoy this time, I'm gonna punch them in the face!!! That first month was nearly impossible to enjoy and my husband will attest to how completely irrational I was.  There were times when I felt like Diego and Liam were better off without me. Then there was the utter meltdown about breastfeeding. With everything combined, I decided I needed some help. I got some medication, I saw a counselor, I went to support groups and I continued to try everything I could to help breastfeeding. I don't know if any of those things were individually or cumulatively helpful or if it's just that Liam got older and I have figured some more things out but things are SOOO much better now. He smiles, we go for walks, he takes a good 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. I am pleased to say that we are still breastfeeding.  Of course, we are still supplementing and pumping as well. But I can, with confidence, say that I tried everything to be exclusively breastfeeding. Teas, capsules, tinctures, lactation consultants galore, support groups (plural), regular pumping...  We even had a posterior tongue tie clipped. I have finally reached a happy place.  I don't feel guilty if I forget to pump. I don't feel guilty if I give him formula. I am finally able to sit with my child and enjoy.  Don't judge me for not relishing that first month. Maybe I'm just not into newborns.  Maybe I'll be like that next time or maybe I'll be wiser for the journey. Doesn't matter.  It brought me to where I am now. And this is a good place to be!

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06 March 2012

Liam, month 1

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15 February 2012

Welcome Little Liam!!!

Liam David Lista. Born via scheduled c-section on Monday February 6, 2012 at 7:41am. He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 inches long. Welcome to the world and welcome to our family. We waited a long time for you to come!

Diego couldn't "officially" cut the umbilical cord because of the sterile field but they left a length of it so he could cut that.  He says it was like cutting though a hose.
Our first family photo - in the operating room.
Our second - in recovery.
Con su abuela de Argentina.
Proud Papi.
Like Father, Like Son - our little rock n roll baby!
Ready to go home in his little AC/DC onesie.
He looks so small!!!He looks like a dwarf in that carseat.  If fact they kept us an extra day in the hospital cause he kept loosing weight.  I know they are supposed to loose weight but he hit the 10% mark and that set of the proverbial flashing red light.
1 week old.  There are alot more of these cute yawning and stretching shots on my Facebook page.

To be  honest, I had no idea just how much attachment was involved.  I mean, I love this little man to death so emotionally I am that attached.  Physically it seems that he could spend days just nursing and then sleeping by my side.  It wouldn't be so much of a problem except that I am, in fact, not making enough milk to nourish my little guy so he is never satisfied.  I feel like a failure.  My one responsibility at the moment and I cannot fulfill it. It's taking quite the emotional toll on me...  So, we are now parents who were set on solely breastfeeding that are now breastfeeding, pumping and supplementing with formula.  And still trying to figure out the balance at that.

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