29 May 2007

Honeymoon - Yellowstone National Park

Day 1
We spent to afternoon in Jackson, Wyoming tooling around the city and then into the Grand Tetons. I fell in love with those mountains. It was like the Great Wall when I went to China, every time I turned around they looked different. This is my favorite view, though. We thought is was a lake at first but it's actually the Snake River.
Today was the only day we actually got off the beaten path. We hiked around Jenny Lake up to Hidden Falls. If we ever go back we're going to spend alot more time hiking short trails and disappearing from the road.
There wasn't always someone available to take a picture of the 2 of us so we learned to take advantage when there was.

The hot pots at West Thumb. Smells like sulfur. Their interiors are acutally quite spectacular. Too bad you can't get a better look. The water is toxic and lethal hot.
Old Faithful Geyser. Truthfully, a little bit of a buzz kill. I suppose that's true of any overly touted tourist attraction. We rested for a bit in the Old Faithful Inn. We stayed outside the park and we like our accommodations (and the steak sandwiches) but I recommend staying within the park and maybe even hopping hotels so you don't have to use as much time driving.

Up to Mammoth. This place is fascinating to me. I don't understand it. I mean, I read all the literature about how it happens scientifically but still how it forms such perfect, straight lines is beyond me.
The trees had such personality! I found myself taking pictures of the creepy, barren trees that looked like they would uproot at any moment and come to life - like in a haunted forest. I bet this place is eerie at night.
That's a black bear over our shoulders. We saw a grizzly the first night. It just walked across the street right in front of our car literally to get to the other side. Huh. We all the way from the south to the north entrance today. In total, not counting the flight to Idaho Falls, we drove over 1100 miles!

Up to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
I love when it looks like the sky is on fire...

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26 May 2007

Our Big Day - The Wedding Day

In reality, we decided to take our wedding photos the morning before and I cannot stress how glad I was for that decision. Less stress, less heat, less people. I recommend it. So I had to get my hair done 3 times. It was worth it.

The reception went off without major flaw and so many people stepped up so that I didn't have to worry about anything. Thanks to Jenny, Robin, Tori, Karla and Brittany, among others.

By the way, aren't we adorable together? And Diego's picture by himself, who wouldn't want to marry this man?! Seriously!

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16 May 2007

Bridal Shower - Arizona style

So Leonor and Nathalia from my ward and the Spanish institute threw me a bridal shower and it was a ton of fun.
I can't believe I've only been here not even 7 months and I get a turn out like this. I am so lucky to have friends!

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