31 October 2005

Halloween Party - Round 2

So Halloween night Liz (Mary Kay) and I met up with Laura (Blair from Facts of Life) and some of her friends at Brick Room Pub in Decatur for some good ol' fashioned costumed fun.

1) Edwards Scissorhands - 2nd Place. I've seen better but he did actually grow his hair out for the part. That's some major forethought. 2) The Tooth Fairy - I thought it was funny that this burly white fairy was hoovering over his beer. 3) A Borg - 1st Place. He said he'd been working on his costume for 2 months! Now that's dedication!

1) Kip and La Fawnduh from Napolean Dynamite with the roles reversed. When I came up on the and asked to take a picture, she was putting gloss on him. That was classic. 2) The Carpenters - 3rd Place. I thought it was ingenious. He even sang! But she didn't. 3) Blue Oyster Cult. This one is going to haunt me and if it's going to haunt me you all might as well come along for the ride. Yeah, the back of those red pants - a thong...

Me with the crowd in the background and a strange light glowing through my forehead and the stair railing going through my arm... It's artsy, extended exposure photography. Work with me people!

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Halloween Party - Round 1

The Kucks had another fully attended Halloween party and here are some of my favorite costumes.

Nancy Pulsipher (Before) and Liz Cranford (After) as Extreme Make Over. Shannon Henry (that's me) as an Egyptian Tour Guide/Muslim and her roommate Natlalie Douglas as Daisy Duke. Okay so our costumes weren't part of my favorites but I wanted to put us in anyway.

The Georgia Tech boys as the guys from the Beastie Boys "Sabatoge" video. Michael Beaver as a Coach - complete with pit stains and augmentation. Michelle Louis, one of the Young brothers, Jennifer Markham and Kristen Young as a polygamist family. *tee,hee*

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Making Strides - for Cancer

This Saturday I participated in my first walk-a-thon, of sorts. It was for cancer research. I walked with some ladies from the gym I go to. I could have been my own Mardi Gras float if I'd had on green pants. Jeez. Yeah, so, in the second picture, the guy with the fro, yeah, he cracks me up.

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Children of the Corn

Every year the singles ward goes to the corn maze and every year I go even though every year I end up aimlessly following 15 people around in the cold, cryptic corn. It used to be a fun thing to do. I guess it's still true that it's the people that make the moments. This is me being a Farmer with Cory Stephens as Crow and Greg Allen as Corn.

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The Bearded Lady

I stole this picture from another friend's blog for 2 reasons. #1) It reminds me of all the cute little Taiwanese kids I used to teach. #2) Ben as the Bearded Lady for Halloween just cracks me up. I wanna go back to Taiwan. Hmm. What am I doing over Christmas break???

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18 October 2005

It's All in the Family

So on Sunday I went to visit my aunt and uncle, er, my dad's aunt and uncle in LaGrange, Georgia. Mel and Earleen are always excited to have me visit so that makes me feel special. While there I realized where I get some of my quirky behavior from. My aunt Earleen cut up some red pepper for our salads and she said they looked like lips. Her idea, not mine! So what if we're not related by blood...

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My Chinese Pen Pal

So this is my Chinese pen pal, Zhang Jian Jun, that I've had since high school with his wife and son. I got to meet him when I went to China in 2001. His wife didn't like me because she thought I was going to steal him and take him back to America. One day he took me to take a nap in his room and there on the table was all the pictures I had ever sent him torn to shreds. I just know she's put some sort of Chinese hex on me. Anyway. I post this picture since I pretty much just got it from him. It sort of looks like they were shot on a green screen and the background was added in later. Weird. Hypercolor. (he he, remember those?...)

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15 October 2005

Blood Mountain

So some people from church went hiking this morning. I kept debating whether or not I wanted to go but since I always complain about how I don't get out enough I couldn't really justify not going. It was cool. It's the highest peak in Georgia for the Appalachian Trail: 4,458 feet. And it turned out to be such a BEAUTIFUL day. My friend, Cory, tried to point out a view for me. I didn't think it was that picturesque. Am I becoming tainted by all the beautiful places I've been? I mean, I appreciate nature and all but not every view is amazing, right? Right?! I did finally find a view I enjoyed (see above) so I know I'm not past feeling at least.

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06 October 2005

Cute Fruit (and other inspiring photographs)

These images came from an email my sister sent me way back when. I love this kind of stuff. Simple. Imaginative. Clean. Funny.

Or like Irving Penn's frozen vegetable photograph. He's the one who made Clinique ads famous with his sharp, clean style.
Or Mark Laita who I was going to intern with during college but he was going to be in New York and Africa. I told him I would go too but that didn't fly. It's images like this that attracted me to him. Simple. Clean. Evocative.
He's got tons of good stuff - http://www.marklaita.com/panergi/main.html.

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