30 March 2009

Tom Tom

My tomato plant given to me by my visiting teacher to whom I must have mention (when she wasn't my visiting teacher) that I wanted a tomato plant. Someday I'll attempt the herb garden again. I just keep leaving town...It's got the cutest little baby tomatoes on it now (not pictured)! I can't wait until they ripen... Will it be my first success story?

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28 March 2009

Fight Night Round 2

Kurt Warner, Forest Whitaker, Steve Young. Forest is a stellar guy. I asked him to pose for me and he didn't want to. When someone down the line asked him for the same thing he came back down the red carpet and posed for me before giving it up to the other photographer. Very Cool.
Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle (his girl is to his left, I have no idea who the other lady is but I am there to get pictures of everyone. So...)
Michael Phelps (gold medalist extraordinaire), Jimmy Walker and Josh Groban
Jon Bon Jovi was supposed to be the final, end-all-be-all in entertainment for the evening but he sucked...rocks. He sang like 5 songs (which in itself, isn't unusual for the evening) however 3 of them weren't even his songs and not a one of them was remotely rockin'. Very Disappointing.
The real showstopper was this little Filipino gem Charice Pempengco. You'll never believe the voice that comes out of this tiny, visually harmless body. Listen below.

She sang the same song (among others) but it was SO much better that night. She sang I Will Survive to Muhammad Ali, a former boxer now fighting with Parkinson's disease. She climbed from the stage to the main table and was singing directly to him. It was amazing because you never really see much expression from Muhammed these days but you knew he loved it!

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22 March 2009

The Air Show

So we went to the air show. It's just as bad as going to Disney Land! We waited FOREVER in this line that wrapped around itself FOUR times and we were still outside waiting to go through security. Once you get in, you walk and walk and put your chair down and bake in the 100+ heat and stare into the sky. And if you want to walk around and do anything else, ya gotta wait in line for that too. Not impressed. The best part was when we left and sat under the shade of the nearby gas station drinking Slurpees. Boo. This is why I don't do theme parks...

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20 March 2009

Goodbye Old, Hello New

Diego's car finally bit the dust - or was gonna any day - so we chucked the 1997 Hyundai Tiburon for......the 2004 Nissan Sentra! We are now a two sentra family. We're so proud! Plus, we sold the oldie to the local pick-a-part and used the money to buy U2 tickets! YEAH!Of course we kept the plate! Silly people! Boca Jr never leaves this family. Seriously! Did you really ever even think?...

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