20 September 2008

Why I Love My Husband

He never lets me stay mad at him!!

He does the dishes.

He can't just look at me cause he just wants to kiss me.

He has got great eyelashes.

He volunteered to clean the, uh, my, hair of out of the tub drain just cause I mentioned it was slow.

He cleaned the whole apartment just cause I mentioned I was stressed cause things weren't getting done.

He moisturizes.

He is worthy of his Priesthood.

He says "I love you too" before I even say "I love you." Okay, sometimes that bothers me but mostly I love that he says it cause he knows that I am going to say it.

He is disciplined in so many things. (I can learn alot from him)

He is WAY handsome!

He is more conscious than me of our food storage and emergency preparedness.

He ALWAYS gives me the couch I want.

He is super supportive and reasonable.

He puts up with a crazy, lunatic sleeping next to him - ME!

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19 September 2008

Cake #1

So I'm taking this cake decorating class. It's only 4 weeks but it's fun. This is week 2, my first cake. It's filled with dulce de leche and is themed after Diego's soccer team in Argentina, the Boca Junior. My frosting is a bit grainy-looking (although it tastes great) and I sprayed that blue on so you can now see ALL the imperfections. I was in a hurry to leave class so the "B" and the "o" in Boca are a bit jagged too. Plus, I only know how to do stars right now. Other than that, for my first attempt, I think it's acceptable.

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Indoor Camping

We wanted to go camping for Labor Day but the chance of rain kept increasing. So, instead, we popped up the tent inside the apartment. That, of course, meant that we had to move a bunch of furniture out of the way since our place is so small.
We cooked hot dogs on the grill and I even fashioned some sort of pineapple-upside-down-tinfoil dessert that was actually quite yum-o. Once in our tent... we watched TV - the Simpsons to be exact... Doesn't matter, it was fun!
Mi esposo es muy guapo!!! Chica con suerte!

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Flash Back Friday

In honor of this post, I am doing a Flash Back Friday post.

This is from 2000 when I moved to Atlanta and these are the 2 girls, Lindsay and Tara, who started to teach me about being a girly-girl (although I don't think they know it). There was a whole group of us and we used to go hang out at parks when there wasn't anything to do. Actually, we used to have fun no matter what we were doing. It was just a great group. Every Friday night we'd start calling around because we all knew we'd be hangin' out. Good times...

Some times there was more or less of us but the core was always the same: me, Tara, Lindsay, Mike Beaver, Brandon Nutter and the Boatwright Brothers (Jonathan, Justin and Adam).

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08 September 2008


My brother and I used to laugh our faces off at this stuff!...

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