12 January 2008

LA, baby!

It was only the 2nd week into the new year and we took another trip - this time, to my dismay, it was to Los Angeles. I don't really like LA and I was so not fond of the drive time but we tried to make it fun by spending the night in Fresno with some of Diego's friends. We also went to Mann's Chinese Theater to see all the stars on the sidewalk of Hollywood Blvd and the foot/hand prints in the cement in front of the theater. It was raining and cold so no good pictures. We also drove up to the Hollywood sign but the clouds hung so low that we couldn't see it. Of course, we didn't know that until we went back the next day and it was in plain sight! We visited the Argentine supermarket and had a picnic, of sorts, looking at the sign. I can't believe people live up there! Anyway.
The only reason we went was to go to the Argentine consulate to get Diego's passport renewed. Once that was done, WE GOT OUR TICKETS TO ARGENTINA the very next day! 3 weeks in July, baby!

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10 January 2008

New Years in Flagstaff

So Diego was missing the cold and the snow so we decided to spend the night in Flagstaff over New Years. There wasn't really any "new" snow, but it sure was COLD! The next day we drove over to the Petrified National Forest. It's kind of interesting to think about just how long this stuff sat under water especially for it to be a desert now. And what amazed me even more is that it still looks like wood on the outside!
We also got to see some petroglyphs left by this ancient civilization. I feel like I sound really uneducated right now and I could just remedy that by looking up the information but I'm too lazy so here is the link to National Park Service's page.
The top is a long view and the bottom is a close up of the image above.

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08 January 2008

Activate in the form of...

I'm a REAL LIVE SUPER HERO! And I've to the caricature to prove it. One of the photographers I work for has included me in his set of photographers and therefore had be immortalized in sketch. Whadaya think? I kinda have problems with it cause it was created from a wedding photo with my hair all pinned up and my hair is never like that. Still, it is funny!

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07 January 2008


Campaign For Real Beauty by Dove. I wish I could say it wasn't true...

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