18 January 2007


After a week of head congestion, I give a go a more natural remedy. Seems everybody in this household does ear candeling. It creates a vacuum in your ear canal and pulls out the wax. Afterwards you have to look... It's sort of like snot in a tissue. Sorry. That was way gross.

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13 January 2007

I Dare You!

So we'd all gotten together for my cousin Nikki's birthday dinner and we're all sittin' around chatting when Evan here starts talking about how he'd eat some of the cherry cobbler dessert with no hands if there were money on the table. Alas, he was all talk. Money was, in fact, put on the table and this is his reaction. No amount of chanting, name-calling or additions to the pot changed his mind. We totally called his bluff! You teller of falsehoods, you.
Of course, when the pot got up to $10, Diego stepped up to the challenge.
Yuck. I have to kiss that mouth. At least it's cherry flavored...

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06 January 2007

Tasha's Getting Married

Aaron and Tasha Isom with the Las Vegas Temple January 5, 2007.
I went down to Vegas, or up rather, for a wedding. It was the sister of my best friend from college. That whole family is like a second family to me. Diego couldn't make the ceremony so he flew in after work and was there for the reception. Before we left town after the weekend, we took the obligitory photo in front of the Las Vegas sign. It's amazing how many times I've been to Vegas and not actually seen this sign.

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