26 June 2007

1 Whole Month - We're So Old Timers

Everyone been asking me how married life is. It's great. It's very normal. I'm surprised. I expected a much bigger adjustment. Maybe because I am older and I've lived more of my life and I don't feel like I'm giving anything up. I gaining, if anything. It's the best. In the right stage of your life, I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially when you come home to these babies on your 1-month anniversary! They must be at least 2 ft long! And, they're gorgeous. Just like my honey thinks I am. Yeah!

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18 June 2007

The Police - In Concert

It isn't the best picture but at least it represents! The Police. Touring with Sting. Wow! I was afraid they'd throw in a bunch of Sting hits (and I don't really like solo Sting) but they didn't. It was great, hardcore Police hits. Much happiness!

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09 June 2007

Karlita's Engaged!

I am SOOO happy that Karla gets to be as happy as I am! And I'm SOOO glad that I don't have to feel like I abandoned her anymore. And... I'm SOOO glad I got to take their engagement pictures and I get to do their wedding too. Taylor and Karla Jimenez!

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