21 January 2009

Quirk Tagged

Katherine "QUIRK" tagged me. I've never been blog tagged before. You'd think this would be easy for me. Turns out, it wasn't. I used to think I was full of quirks, little goodies. I guess not. Or maybe I've gotten to be quite normal in my old age. And, as I got to think about it more - my "quirks" started to look more like "flaws". Anway. Here's my list. If you can thinking of anything else, PLEASE let me know. It's been kind of a bummer...

1) Sometimes I have no words. Weird. For instance, when I car cuts us off and I don't feel like we are slowing down enough I just point and grunt. However, I do the same thing when I want Diego to turn the light off before he gets into bed - point and grunt.

2) When I'm excited ball up my fists, raise them to face level and shake them like a little kid. The opposite of that being when I am frustrated with a machine or something I actually hiss at it. Huh.

3) I'm addicted to chapstick. I have a bazillion of them. And rest assured I have one EVERYWHERE I might need it: in my purse, in the bathroom, on my desk, on my nightstand, in my car, my camera bag, the kitchen drawer... You get the idea.

4) My junior high comebacks. You know, where you repeat the very same statement or insult back to the original person who said it but with a "YOU'RE stupid" tone. (Emphasis on the YOU'RE and no me - sort of the I'm rubber, you're glue mentality.) Mature, I know.

5) I clap my hands twice and then face my palms out when I finish something or as a cheer for something or someone (Thanks Brit, for reminding me...). Some of these things you really just have to see!

And I TAG...
- Sawa
- Mari
- Tina
- Shana
(just a few people I haven't heard from in a while)

...and anyone else that wants to share!

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03 January 2009

Jump #2

So for Diego's 2nd jump, he decided to get the video. He was watching them edit it and he came over and told me, "I look like a monster." He was referring to his lip curling over his nose cause he didn't close his mouth during the free fall... Don't be alarmed. It is kind of scary.

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01 January 2009

New Years 2009

For New Years we went to the casino (not to gamble) to see an 80's cover band called The Whip Its. Its was an awesome show! And, it was free!!!
Of course the band was a spin off of the 80's band Devo who had the hit "Whip It" - complete with the hats...

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