22 August 2006

What Do I Do? #2

The next installment of explaining what I do involves the persepective of 2 photographers. There's 2 sets of images. The first image in each set is what I see and the second image is what the other photographer (JJ and Tom, my boss, respectively) sees.

It gives you an idea of the types of places and situations you might find me in while one the road for work. The first set is during a general session meeting and the awards part is about to start so I hopped up on stage to get a few quick shots. The second set is at an arrivals recetpion on the first day of a trip. We try to have fun while we're out and about. I think we manage most of the time. And, yes, that is a fanny pack. It's quite handy actually...

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11 August 2006

My Favorite Street In Atlanta

This is my favorite street in Atlanta but only at night during the winter. Yeah, I'm not going to explain why. If you can't see it, I'll never make you see it.
This one gives you an idea of where it's at. Ha ha, it's my secret!

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04 August 2006

The Original Neopolitan!

The original neopolitan back in the day. Back in the day meaning probably a year ago at Universal Studios Orlando for work. I'm vanilla, Boxley is strawberry and JJ is chocolate. Get it!?
The original neopolitan these day. Out to dinner while working in San Diego. You can probably see out flavors better here...

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