30 November 2009

Vegas, baby! My Kinda Thanksgiving

So, in case you were wondering, this is what Vegas looks like at Thanksgiving.  What?  It looks like Vegas always does?  I suppose it does...  We stayed at the Johnson B&B (aka the Johnson's house).  It's sort of tradition to be in Vegas with the Johnson's for Thanksgiving.  I've know them and been coming to their place since their daughter Linn and I were roommates in college and became friends.  They are like my second family now.   I've known them for like 15 years and I've probably been at their house for Thanksgiving for half of those years - even after college.  Anyway.  Here's miniature of my favorite attraction in Vegas:  The fountains at the Bellagio.


Not the greatest picture but we had just pocketed the "little" camera for this excursion to the Strip.  And it's miniature!!!  Therefore it's cute!!!  Anyway. Diego wanted to see some things he hadn't seen before and I was on a hunt for a few stores I'd seen inside casinos on my many work related trips to Vegas during the Atlanta years.  Didn't find any, but we did enjoy some very unique boutique chocolate truffles.  Let's see, can I remember what we had, there was at least a dulce de leche one, a balsamic vinegar one, and some toffee with chili and cinnamon.  That was YUM, but too expensive to buy a box.
On the way home, Diego wanted to stop and get some pictures along the Joshua Tree Scenic Freeway.  He just wanted a picture with a joshua tree, but here's what I got.

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13 November 2009

Diego's Birthday Dinner at Carrabbas

We were missing Candee and Facundo but we'll get them sometime soon (*wink wink* Candee)

Nicolas y Heather

Damien y Launi y Evie-cita.  Hey Launie, the camera's over here.

Dario y Melissa

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09 November 2009

As God as my witness, we are officially...

Well, we don't have a house or any kids yet but what a GREAT way to start off.  Thank you Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps!

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07 November 2009

My Calling in the Nursery

I posted these on my photography blog, which I'm not quite ready to release but I thought you might enjoy them too.  These are come of my kids from nursery.  I just felt like taking pictures one Sunday. The last picture, I just LOVE how you can see the concentration on his face!

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