03 August 2005

Butler's Goin' to Columbia (the university, not the country)

So when I moved to Atlanta in 2001 I worked for the Red Cross as the Program Coordinator for the AmeriCorps group that they hosted. This evening some of the old Rapid Responders met up at Apres Diem in Midtown to say farewll to Sarah Butler who is leaving us in search of Higher Education. Will she find it? Columbia U. says, "Congratulations! You're welcome to try."

Clockwise from back left: Victoria Sharp, Sarah Butler, Don Trantow, Isabel Amaya, Sarah Friedenthal-Greene and moi.

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Just a Little Catching Up... part 1

First of all my Cutie Cuterson nephews (Bryce-3 and Cole-1, respectively):

My 10-year high school reunion Oct 2004:

another neopolitan
part of my gifted English class
My whole English class back in the day. (that's me, sittin' on the desk with my Converse on)

Skydiving. Yeah, so the only picture of me is way up at the top. Huh.

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Just a Little Catching Up... part 2

The New Years 2005 trip to Port St. Joe Florida. Hey, it's my blog. I can be in all the pictures if I want!
This is where we stayed. Cool, huh?!
The shell that sang the Ramones. "Gabba Gabba."

On an excursion to Savannah, Georgia. This is the last known picture of me in glasses before I had LASIK. And, yes, I do love it.

This is what I love to take pictures of. Ewww...

And, lastly, Sara Snow. The charming young lady who introducted me to blogging. This was taken at the bowling alley while I was still celebrating my birthday "week." Her teeth are blue because she lost the ring pop draw. *tee hee*

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