02 January 2010

2009 Wrap Up

If you feel the picture is a little bit skee-wampus (or small, for that matter), just click on it to enlarge and read all about our goings on for 2009. 'Tis the season, Happy New Year and all!

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Best New Years EVER

If New Years in any reflection on how awesome the coming year is gonna be then I'm in for a hum dinger.  Seriously people.   (make sure you read to the bottom, that's the best part)  New Years Eve was spent with friends.  The boys barbecued a goat *literally*.  It wasn't my favorite but I got to play Speed Scrabble with a good friend of mine.  I never get to play anymore.  Diego would totally be willing but I'm not so sure he'd be any good at it.  Anyway.  No pictures of the charred goat.  The next morning, we went shooting with Uncle Richard and the Lazona Ward. This is me with my cousin Brittany doing our Charlie's Angels pose.

Here's Diego with a shotgun and a death stare.

This is a Colt Junior.  Pops says it's the assassins gun of choice.   It only shoots 22s but if you put it in behind the ear, the bullet will bounce around inside the head cause it can't penetrate the skull.

Then there was this guy named Chris.  He was way nice but a little shady with his information.  He said he works for a consulting company.  Upon further pressing, he gave up that he works for the government, he's a chief weapons instructor and that they consult on all things foreign and domestic.  Doesn't matter.  I got to shoot a Mac-11 9mm semi-automatic machine gun.  How cool is that?!  Here's the video.  You can totally hear me saying, "I'm gonna obliterate those rocks!"

And if all this wasn't cool enough, later that evening we checked into a 4-star Scottsdale resort and we didn't take any pictures of that either...

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