03 October 2010

KISS, Gavin Degraw... oh, and a surgery

So we went to see KISS in concert. I've heard it's supposed to be the best contert ever but I wasn't impressed. They are too old to be putting on a show like they used to. And the main guy was definitely loosing his voice.  We took pictures but none of them turned out very good. On the flip side. I got to meet Gavin Degraw. He was playing at a charity concert with Train (who, by the way, is a tiny, scrawny little thing) and I was behind the scenes in the green room with the photographer. Super cool dude. So I took a picture with him!

Oh, I also had some laproscopic surgery to remove a uterine fibroid tumor.  Fun fun.  Laid up in bed for a week.  Boo.  Let's see if I can get pregnant again now...

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