30 March 2012

Family Who Visited

We were so lucky to have to much family come visit and help out. First there was Diego's mother.  She came from Argentina the week before Liam was born. Gracias a Abuelita Gladis por tu ayuda!
Then my little sister came to get her baby fix.  She was a super help when I needed a shower or a nap or to generally keep sane.
Then my parents came for Liam's blessing. My mother taught me to play and sing with Liam (something I had been too stressed to think about doing).
My father pampered me with cooking, cookware and extra food for the freezer!
He claims he was pretty hands off when we were kids.  I think he likes being a grandpa though.  Here he is keeping Liam happy while mommy finishes pumping her milk.
Thanks to everyone who helped and visited during that very difficult beginning! I have the best family!

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