31 October 2010


We've been wanting to go up to the Snowflake temple for a long time now so we went over Halloween weekend.  We drove up early in the morning and went straight to the temple. As you can see, it was WAY windy outside.

We stayed at a cute little bread and breakfast (Heritage Inn, I  highly recommend it) but as far as sightseeing goes the below picture is the only place we got to see.  It's a tiny little town is SOOO small and everything closes SOOO early. 
It was a very relaxing and low key trip. That night we went to a haunted corn maze. It was short but kinda cool. They only let 10 people in at a time and they pretty much guide you through it. But, at one point, they pile you in this covered truck and it's totally dark and they drive you to the next location sloshing you around as you go.  It was fun.

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25 October 2010

Las Vegas

My parents made a rather spontaneous trip to Las Vegas (from Louisiana, I might add) to see Jimmy Buffet in concert and we drove up to see them. They saw the water ballet at the Bellagio before we got there.  That's BY FAR my most favorite thing in Vegas (that and the gelato place next door). We went the the Ethel M chocolate factory.  We had dinner at an Argentine place there and introduced them to empanadas.  The whole trip was short, but sweet.  Thanks, parentals,  for visiting so close!

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03 October 2010

KISS, Gavin Degraw... oh, and a surgery

So we went to see KISS in concert. I've heard it's supposed to be the best contert ever but I wasn't impressed. They are too old to be putting on a show like they used to. And the main guy was definitely loosing his voice.  We took pictures but none of them turned out very good. On the flip side. I got to meet Gavin Degraw. He was playing at a charity concert with Train (who, by the way, is a tiny, scrawny little thing) and I was behind the scenes in the green room with the photographer. Super cool dude. So I took a picture with him!

Oh, I also had some laproscopic surgery to remove a uterine fibroid tumor.  Fun fun.  Laid up in bed for a week.  Boo.  Let's see if I can get pregnant again now...

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